Author Topic: Setting up ExpressVU 6000HD Sat Rcvr Template.  (Read 918 times)


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Setting up ExpressVU 6000HD Sat Rcvr Template.
« on: August 11, 2008, 03:43:56 pm »

 Hey All,

 I wanted to get some advice before moving forward with this setup.

 This is obviously an IR controlled via device.

 The way this is setup currently is like so

 ExVU 6000 HD box.

 S-Video Analog audio to PVR-150 in Hybrid - Myth to use
 Cmpnt and Optical to SAT input on AVR-988 to HDMI Input 5 on Sharp Aquos. - Live TV to use

 Problem - this rcvr has a toggle for SD and HD
 So the rcvr needs to be set in SD mode for the hybrid to see a signal at the pvr-150 and then for Live-TV it would need to be toggled to HD to send a HD signal to the cmpt outputs for live Tv. The audio outputs are live all the time.  The s-video and cmpt will display SD all the time on both outputs but it is only when I want to watch HD that I have to toggle the SD/HD switch which would also then turn OFF the S-video output at the rcvr and display 1080i or 720p at the cmpt output for HD. Wow! that leads me to another problem, this means that if someone is watching Tv from an MD and I switch on Live TV HD in the Living room then The MD that was watchin TV will loose the signal as the S-video output is turned off.

 What would be the best way to achieve this setup.