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Fiire Chiefs
« on: January 30, 2008, 11:42:13 am »

I've just got my long awaited Fiire remotes. I've understood that the system can tell a difference from the two. I did, in the advanced config, assign each remote to a LMCE user. I figured that this was what was needed for LMCE to tell a difference about who is currently using the system.

However the orbiter does not show that it has changed active user when I switch remote. Can this be accomplished? I want to be able to do so and also setup automatic filters.

I want this to make it possible for my daughter to navigate among the videos herself without having to know the whole directory structure. Teaching a five year old to use the video button on the remote and also to select a movie from the thumbnails is quite possible but also teaching her to navigate to the child stuff in the directory structure would be to hard.

So I want the movie contents to just list her stuff whenever she press the movie button on her remote...

Am I hoping for too much here?


PS. I've search the wiki about Fiire Chief stuff but I couldn't find much there...