Author Topic: 0710B3 black screen issues after install  (Read 7089 times)


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Re: 0710B3 black screen issues after install
« Reply #15 on: January 28, 2008, 05:09:21 pm »
Any luck with this dthrock?

I have the same problem with an Nvidia 8400GS, but I am using a VGA connection.
If I change the "Driver" in my xorg.conf to vesa it works. (in UI1 onyl).  Once I change it back to the nvidia driver all I get is a black screen. 

Exactly the same issue we had with our cards, although I find it surprising you should be having the issue with a VGA connection (my problem was with SVideo). Simply turning on UseEDID may be your solution - you'll see the option turned off if you go through the file. Below are a number of options that may be significant - compare with yours and make changes as necessary:

Section "Device"
   Driver      "nvidia"
   Option      "UseDisplayDevice" "CRT"
   Option "renderAccel" "true"
   Option "UseEDID" "true"

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If that doesn't work try tweaking your refreshrates or modelines in the xorg.conf manually.
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