Author Topic: Myth TV still locking up after 710 upgrade  (Read 5018 times)


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Re: Myth TV still locking up after 710 upgrade
« Reply #15 on: March 04, 2008, 08:00:33 pm »
Updated from Beta 3 to beta 4 this morning. Seemed like it was working good. Suddenly my hybrid/core detected some hardware on my network. Locked up myth. Closed out, started again, lock up within 20 seconds. I really wish there was a fix for this that would allow it to work as intended within LMCE. Looking forward to more updates.

If any of the developers are interested in using and fixing a system that has myth locking up I will gladly send mine to help find a solution. (Of course you would have to send it back when you’re done)

fearingsept, Does running it from a terminal in kde without the "-v all" option work for you?  If so, please confirm here or the other thread where I troubleshot this.  Also darren in this other thread is asking for someones machine on which he can test this and since your willing, it may be worth dropping him a line.  Refer to thread:
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