Author Topic: Morning 3 with 0710 Beta 4 - progress with MythTV!  (Read 2435 times)


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Morning 3 with 0710 Beta 4 - progress with MythTV!
« on: March 08, 2008, 06:07:31 pm »
This morning my goal was to get MythTV going. I thought I would load the mythbackend from the KDE desktop, so it wanted to add me to the usergroup and said to reboot, so I did. Loaded Mythbackend (don't really know why) and as usual the text is off the screen and I can't make heads or tails out of the prompts, so I ESC out.

The LinuxMCE screen freezes. Admin web page won't load. No keyboard response. HARD RESET #1.

I decide to reconnect my VGA monitor and run the AV Wizard in order to see the MythTV screens. Connect the VGA monitor and the core freezes again. HARD RESET #2.

During reboot, I held down the left shift key. No AV Wizard. So I rebooted again.
During the next reboot, I held down the right shift key, No AV Wizard. hmm

So I go to the KDE desktop and go to the Launch Manager -> Video -> Change Resolution and it says it will run the AV Wizard for me upon reboot. Super!

I set the system up to use my VGA monitor and head into the MythTV Setup.

I used this wiki page for reference:

Even though I had read it a couple times, I guess the light bulb didn't go off about the tip "Refer to the Myth user's Manual for details" mentioned  in Step 6.

But I did go to MythTV's web site to look for information on the setup screens, and I found this:

It finally explained to me what all the options and steps were and I was able to tell it that I use an Antenna feed on the tuner card and Bell Expressvu input on the composite input, and as best I can figure, the was set to the right thing for both.

I had to follow the steps about setting the mysql password at the end, and then mythfilldatabase did its thing.

I completed those steps, then told the system to run the AV Wizard upon reboot so I can go back to using my LCD HD TV. Done.

Now I go to "TV" and I see video and hear sound. I can't remember what input I was on, but I was able to flip inputs and using the MCE remote (the gyro mouse doesn't seem to control MythTV?) call up the guide and select other channels.

At first my guide didn't know any channels.

From the web interface:

I could see things looking better (but how I view the Dish schedule instead of antenna?)

While watching TV the box completely froze up. HARD RESET #3.

I decided I would do the Nvidia Tweaks mentioned here:

I only unchecked the "Sync to VBlank" item (and the other automatically unchecked) and exited.

Then I went back and the TV is working like it was before, although I do notice the guide is showing channels and programs by now. I can switch inputs to the dish but I don't see the guide for the dish displayed. I would like to figure that part out.

And now it's Noon and I have to go out and blow the snow out of the driveway, as us here in Ontario Canada are enjoying yet another snow fall, so I stopped the TV and will come back and play some more this afternoon!

But things are looking much today... on day 3. :-)