Author Topic: Anyone Using? $269 US, Iomega® StorCenter™ NAS Hard Drive 1TB (2HD x 500GB)  (Read 2602 times)


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Fry's Has a 1T NAS that says it supports linux, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had any success with LinuMCE.

I saw this thread about a IOMega StoreCenter, but was unsure if anyone else had success or failure?

Slowwwlllyy building my system under radar of wife....


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I am using the 250 NAS I did have the pop ups with previous versions but not with 0710 b2  or b3.
The 250 has a usb port wich I have a 500 gb HD connected to. Has GB Ethernet but it doesn't seem to take advantage of it.

I have been using it with pluto / linuxmce for close to two years. (The pop ups occurred most frequently with 0704)

Other than the pop ups It has worked fine for me.

I need to clean up whats stored on it but thats another story.
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