Author Topic: Adding more icons to LMCE in 810, so we can better support floorplans  (Read 2941 times)


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I've started 2 threads about enhancing features of Lighting and Climate plugins regarding support for devices of same category that are shown on floorplans... But changing both plugins would be fairly easy, if we had sufficient choice different types of devices in both categories.

What we need as new floorplan type objects in my opinion:
- brightness sensor device in Lighting category (so we can show for instance brightness value on floorplan)
- on/off output and on/off input Climate device (similar to light switch as output and other digital input sensors - door,window,etc...)

I would kindly ask some designer to help us with adding icons to LMCE at this moment, so we can increase number of floorplan supported devices...This is I guess pretty simple job, cause icons are in one color  (you can find them in
Code: [Select]

I'd also kindly ask if anyone (I think Tschak or JonDecker - they already know what needs to  be done) to add those icons as part of new floorplan objects, so they can be used in plugins code...

Thanks in advance,


Thanks in advance,