Author Topic: mythtv nuv recordings supported as videos ?  (Read 2543 times)


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mythtv nuv recordings supported as videos ?
« on: October 12, 2005, 04:17:33 pm »

I've created directory mythtv under videos and added script that links mythtv recordings with pretty names to this directory, so they can be used as normal videos.

I've added this script to cron to be run each minute. Not nice hack, but it works..... if you want to see mythtv recordings you have to go into mythtv and you can't do this from other MDs or Orbiters.... (from mythtv mailing lists):

Code: [Select]

# - Symlinks mythtv files to more readable version in /tv/pretty
# by Dale Gass
# modified by Dave Misevich for slightly prettier names and doesn't destroy/recreate valid links.
# (I found a windows box watching a recording would terminate if the link was removed)
# Bug fixed caused by programs that don't have a subtitle. Use start time/date to create one.
# modified to add .mpg to end of symlink. Thanks mike at the forum for the code.
# 6th Ocotober 2005 by Garth Kirkwood
# - change structure from do to if for easier logic (my thoughts)
# - cleanlinks run first to remove dud links from pretty
# Currently UNTESTED

# Remove dud links
cd /home/public/data/videos/mythtv/

mysql -uroot  mythconverg -B --exec "select chanid,DATE_FORMAT(starttime,'%Y%m%d%H%i%s'),DATE_FORMAT(endtime,'%Y%m%d%H%i%s'),title,subtitle from recorded;" >/tmp/mythlink.$$
perl -w -e '

        my $mythpath= "/home/mythtv/shows/";
        my $altpath= "/home/public/data/videos/mythtv";
        my $dfile= "";
        my %month = ( "01","Jan", "02","Feb", "03","Mar", "04","Apr", "05","May", "06","Jun",
                      "07","Jul", "08","Aug", "09","Sep", "10","Oct", "11","Nov", "12","Dec");
        if (!-d $altpath) {
               mkdir $altpath or die "Failed to make directory: $altpath\n";
        opendir(DIR, $altpath) or die "cannot opendir $altpath: $!";
        while (defined($file = readdir(DIR))) {
                next if $file =~ /^\.\.?$/;     # skip . and ..
                @dirlist = (@dirlist,$file);
        while (<>) {
              my ($chanid,$start,$end,$title,$subtitle) = split /\t/;
              $subtitle = "" if(!defined $subtitle);
              my $ofn = "${chanid}_${start}_${end}.nuv";
              my $nfn = $title."-".$subtitle;

              #define name of new file
              $start =~ /^....(........)/;
              if ($subtitle eq "") {
                 # if no subtitle then build one from start time.
                 $subtitle = $month{substr($start,4,2)} . substr($start,6,2);
                 $subtitle = $subtitle . "_" . substr($start,0,4) . "_" . substr($start,8,4);
              $nfn =~ s/&/+/g;
              $nfn =~ s/\047//g;
              $nfn =~ s/[^+0-9a-zA-Z_-]+/_/g;
              $nfn =~ s/_$//g;
               # create dummy if the nuv doesnt exist
      if ( !-e "$mythpath/$ofn") {
                   #print "Creating missing file $mythpath/$ofn\n";
                   open ($dfile,">$mythpath/$ofn") || die("Could not open txt file. $!");
                   print $dfile "Creating dummy file for $title $subtitle \n";
                   close ($dfile);
               # otherwise create the symlink
      else {
                   #print "\$ofn = $ofn $title \$nfn = $nfn\n";
                   # make a list of existing nuv filenames for use later.
                   $goodfile{$nfn.".mpg"} = 1;
                   if (!-s "$altpath/$nfn".".mpg"){
                      #  print "Creating $altpath/$nfn\n";
                       symlink "$mythpath/$ofn", "$altpath/$nfn".".mpg" or die "Failed to create symlink $altpath/$nfn".".mpg".": $!";

' /tmp/mythlink.$$
rm /tmp/mythlink.$$