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Just got a hybrid built as a first look at Pluto.  When I insert a cd it starts to play ok but does not identify the disc or tracks.  When I try to rip it I get a error message saying "Unspecified error when ripping disc" and nothing has been copied.  I am new to all things Linux and Pluto but I do like the look and idea as a centre for all my media that is not Windows governed.

I'm getting this aswell, with dvds.
Ran the disk copy command from the command line. its getting to about 2Gb file and then stoping. Could this be todo with filesystem limit? i read that with ext2 filesystems you need to complie your software with something to enable large files. not at home, so can't rememeber the link.

will see if i get the same with cds tonight

For audio CDs to be identified via CDDB you need an external package (I'll get someone to write what it's called). Ext3 doesn't have a 2GB file limit as far as I know. I'll try to test that theory here anyway and see what happens.


here you'll find more info about cd-dvd identification

you'll need to go to pluto-admin, advanced, add software


I'm also seeing the issue where a DVD will begin to rip, but after some time it is aborted.
I'm not sure if it is at the 2gb mark, but this may be the case as the last time I checked it, about 1gb had been done and next time I looked the ripping process had been aborted.
This happened for a number of different DVDs, all of which seems to play fine on the MD when running from the disc.


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