Author Topic: Some questions about a new installation of 0704  (Read 1467 times)


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Some questions about a new installation of 0704
« on: December 30, 2007, 10:55:13 pm »

Decided to install LMCE in my old desktop, with the following hardware:

P4 2.8GHz Dual Core CPU
MSI 945PL NEO2 Motherboard

I downloaded the Single DVD install, hooked up my s-video out to my composite in on the TV (normal CRT samsung) and booted up.

It all went well until the A/V setup assistant, because when it enters it the image goes completely wrong and makes it impossible to see anything. I'm guessing it has to do with resolutions and frequency but i don't know how to change this at this point in the install, i just forgot about the tv and hooked it up to an old 14" nokia pc screen.
Booted up again, and went through A/V assistant choosing S-video out with pal b standard. In the UI section i selected openGL with overlay and next  skiped all the parts on home automation and security because i only need it to be a media center.
When it finally started, it kept on saying it couldn't load OpenGL. Did the AV assistant again and this time chose the first option. Started up and it is now "working".

I am having a bit of a hard time understanding how it works and have some questions, i hope someone can help me.

How can i get the openGL mode working? After reading a few lines in a post here, i went into the admin site and realized that the video card selected was "Standard". I changed it to ATI and pressed "Update". What now? Everything is still the same...

I inserted a standard DVD video disc and it started playing, but inserted a cd with a movie in xvid or divx format and the corresponding srt subtitle file and it seems to not recognize it... Doesn't it play these formats? AVI? mpg? divx/xvid? Last but not least, what about RMVB, can it play rmvb files, if not is it possible for me to add this funcionality?

It also detected my windows XP machine in the network, which at the moment is also my internet gateway, i added it as a machine in another room, but i can't seem to reach any of the shared media, how can i do this?...

I do have a Skystar2 DVB for sattelite TV, can i use it with LMCE?

Well sorry for the bunch of questions, and thanks in advance for any help!