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After performing the Pluto install upon reboot i add the "blackbird MPEG encoder firmware" as directed. I have a core/hybrid and from the orbiter, when I go to COmputing, I 'see' the 'mythtv setup' option but cannot keyboard over to it, so I am unable to complete mythtv setup. Also, when the orbiter boots it flashes in the corner momentarily "uknown window mythfronted"

Any suggestions appreciate,

the unknown myth front-end window is harmless.  Do you have a mouse attached?  I think there was a bug in the 29 release with keyboard and infrared remote control on the computing screen, however I believe that the mouse work anyway.  Regardless I know this issue was fixed in 30 which hopefully will be released very soon.

thanks for the reply, but the mouse sits right in the middle of the screen and is unresponsive. I figured that it just wasn't enabled because it was a multimedia device and supposed to be used with a remote. So I guess I have deeper problems  :cry:

Unfortunately hardware support under Linux is a bit if'y, and even mice sometimes don't work.  Is it a USB or PS2 mouse?  We found the mouse needs to be plugged in during boot up, and PS2 mice always work, sometimes USB mice do not.  You can control everything on the m/d with a mouse and/or a keyboard.

Thank you for you reply. I will download and reinstall with release 30 and see if that helps...thanks again


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