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Hi We work in Home and Building automation System, We produce a lot of different devices for home automation and we also integrate in our system a lot of third part devices or home automation sub-systems. We play in italy at the moment and we are interested to release in MCE our protocol to permit to every one to manage all our home automation equipements and also to have a bridge from MCE to all sub system that we can already control in easies way.

How we could help this comunity?
Thank you


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Welcome gianfri,

How we could help this comunity?
very helpful would be access to remote control command specifications (RS232, telnet, whatever) for ha devices (RS232 control for AV Equipment, Security panels, any other stuff).

There is a great generic approach to such devices in LMCE (GSD) and having that specifications would allow us to add plenty of devices and implement plug and play autodetection. There is also a mechanism to share these device templates between user installations. We are working hard to come up with this system in a developer snapshot (probably based on 0710).

You can also "bridge" to LMCE with the DCE protocol. There is information in the wiki on how to interface with a c++ class or plain text over tcp ports

Maybe you can tell me what kind of devices your company offers or what systems are supported?

best regards,
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You never know, you may end up selling a few items if the documentation is there for integration..
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