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Linux MCE Machines for sale at only $450.00 USD
« on: November 24, 2007, 11:16:45 pm »
At the bottom of the page you will find a Linux MCE machine listed at only $450.00 USD for the following:

(this model is fully customizable just contact us at

1  AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Orleans 1.8GHz Socket AM2 Processor
1 GB RAM 667 DDR2
NVIDIA 6100 Onboard Supports 3D
SATA 250 GB Hard Drive
4 USBs in Back, Serial Printer Port, Serial Port,
Ethernet, Sound, and PS2 ports.
CD/DVD Burner
Microsoft A9O-00007 WinXP Media Center Infrared Remote Control
Leadtek TV2000XP/EXPERT Tuner Card PCI Interface

Because Linux MCE needs to be configured at the point of install I will send the disk along for you to install with the on screen video instructions unless you specify otherwise. Some have said that the Leadtec TV2000XP/EXPERT Tuner Card's Remote will work with Linux but that the configuration is hard to set up so thats why I'm including the Microsoft A9O-00007 WinXP Media Center Infrared Remote Control.

Also if you know of a family that needs a computer this Christmas let us know. We do charity work as well. It makes it easier when someone can give us $250.00 for the PC. We can build our budget PC for $250.00. This does not include the monitor, speakers, mouse, or keyboard. So if you know of some needy families and want to donate to our cause we would much appreciate it. If we don't receive any donations we will wait until we can afford it. The donations page can be found at If you don't specify that you want all of this money to go to this effort then some of it will be used to further Utlumix and help the people that work on it. Thanks.
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