Author Topic: HDHomeRun as IR reciever? (SOLVED)  (Read 2599 times)


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HDHomeRun as IR reciever? (SOLVED)
« on: November 18, 2007, 09:38:58 am »
Has anyone tried using the HDHomeRuns IR capabilities with LinuxMCE?

I've added the reciever in the admin site with driver set to UDP.
UDP always fails to start and dies.  If I try to run LIRC_DCE I get

"No SerialPort selected and no default entry found. Exiting."

If i run "lircd -H udp -d 5000" lirc loads and works properly using my config file, and I can
see keypresses with irw.  LinuxMCE doesn't respond at all though.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: HDHomeRun as IR reciever?
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2008, 05:10:53 am »
Ok, here are some instructions for anyone who wants to use the ir receiver function of the hdhomerun with linuxmce.  I’ll report this in mantis because I think it’s a bug that udp won’t start without these minor adjustments.

First run the following from a command prompt

/usr/pluto/bin/hdhomerun_config hdhomerun_MAC_address set /ir/target "ip_address_of_the_target_MD:5000 no_clear"

That sets where the hdhomerun will send the received signals to.  This should only have to be redone after reseting the hdhomerun or after a power failure.
On that note, can anyone tell me where I could add that command so it is run everytime the router is quick reloaded?

Then open the web admin

Goto Device>Configuration>Device Templates
Enter 1690 into the bottom box and press go
This should be the udp device template
Press Pick device template

In Device data section of the udp template:
Use the dropdown box next to Add a new parameter. Select serial port and press add.
Check the settings for #1 Device(string) & #62 Serial Port(string)
Make sure Allowed to modify is CHECKED
Set the Default Value for #1 Device(string) to “udp –d 5000 #” without the quotes
Set the Default Value for #62 Serial Port(string) to 1
Click save on the bottom

Now goto Wizard>Devices>Media Directors
Find the MD you want to control and select udp for the Infrared Receiver
Press the update button

Now quick reload the router and udp should start with no errors.

From here just add your remote config file with proper linuxmce mappings and you should be all set.

What this does is trick LIRC_DCE into thinking it has a valid serial port.  It seems to need a serial port set to 1 or 2 if no /dev/lirc or /dev/lirc/0 exist, and this is the case if using the udp driver with lirc. The real parameters passed to lircd are in the #1 Device(string).  Since the # is there, the serial port value will be ignored by lircd.  Basically LIRC_DCE will run “lircd –H udp –d 5000 # -d 1”

I’m writing this from memory, if I missed something let me know.  I am now happily using a remote to control my MD instead of my bulky wireless keyboard, and I figured there seems to be a lot of HDhomeruns out there, might as well use this as an extra IR receiver.


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Re: HDHomeRun as IR reciever? (SOLVED)
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2008, 07:50:44 pm »
Maybe you could write up a wiki
What remote are you using.

So you have yours right next to your media director.

P.S How are you getting guide info .

none of my stations do not have xmlids

My Setup

For LinuxMce compatible  systems and accessories


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Re: HDHomeRun as IR reciever? (SOLVED)
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2008, 03:59:19 am »
I think I'll wait to make a wiki page and see if this is fixed soon(made a report in mantis).  Most of these steps would be unnessesary if a few minor things were changed in the udp template and a couple lines of code in LIRC_DCE.cpp.  I wish I could help with the code changes but I can't seem to figure out how to compile just LIRC_DCE from the source to test it.

Yes 1 limitation of this is you have to the HDhomerun box near the MD display you want to control, but I'm trying to make the things I currently have work before I add new things.  I'm using a nice remote from a DirectTv reciever that I made a config file for and adjusted the mappings for.  The only reason I'm using that remote is it has a nice look and feel to it.  Otherwise I think any IR remote will work.

As for the guide info...the short answer is I'm not getting it.  I tried out SchedulesDirect for the trial period and that worked well.  But I have quite a few issues to sort out(ie video tearing and mythtv pegging my cpu) before I can really use this system and justify paying the 20 bucks a year.