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Running useful Mythtv plugins as standalone apps ....



I'm still quite fond of using certain mythtv plugins. I guess I'll try to compile Mythtv on Debian - cause some of .deb files for plugins are missing - maybe Pluto guys will also do it, cause it's general recomendation for mythtv to compile it for better stability.....

- Aaron suggested 2 ways of adding myth apps to Orbiter:
     - over app server (didn't try that)
     - as app under Computing choice ( did this one and it works)

It's nice, but once you navigate out of it, you cannot return anymore (AFAIK) - as you can do it with media apps clicking on second screen column.

BTW, command line is "/usr/bin/mythfrontend mythweather " to run mythweather....

I guess that adding possibility for those apps to appear in media group of scenarios would help avoid that problem....

Also mythgallery could be added as Pictures button....

I'll also try two, at least for me quite interesting plugins :

- mythphone

- mythstream

Thanks in advance,



That works so well for me, thanks.


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