Author Topic: Retry: Not able to list all of my .dvd files under video menu  (Read 2035 times)


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Retry: Not able to list all of my .dvd files under video menu
« on: November 05, 2007, 08:49:17 am »
hi LinuxMCE experts,

I have many movies in .iso file on my XP machine. I want to try LinuxMCE core(hybrid) to play all those movies at my HDTV. I am willing to keep LinuxMCE in my living room next to my TV. So I have to play my .dvd files over windows network file share. I am able to do this. However LinuxMCE is not displaying all the files in one place. I always have to search for a movie and then play.


Above operation, never lists a single movie. I always need to fine a movie name from my hard drive(by logging into the XP machine) and then do a search in following way.


by default MAIN->Video and MAIN->Video->options->search doesn't have a single movie listing.

Basically I want to list movies in time and then as and when I type one search character, it should filter out the movies. Just like address search on any standard cell phone or a street search in a normal GPS devices.

Am I using LinuxMCE in right way ? I am beginner, so I can do these stupid mistake.

Thanks in advance.