Author Topic: A few questions to help me figure out if LinuxMCE is right for me.  (Read 1382 times)


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My name is Jeff and I wanted to ask a few questions about LinuxMCE.

I am considering implementing part of LinuxMCE in my home.  I would be mostly concerned with the media aspect, and less concerned with the home automation aspect, as my home is not set up for that at the moment.  I would likely be starting with what I believe is referred to as a "hybrid system", as I would like it on one TV to start, for budgetary reasons, and as money permits down the road, maybe implementing on more TV's around the house, or moving into the home automation type features.   I use Dish Network for TV. 

1.  How stable is LinuxMCE at this point in development?  More specifically, is this project truly mature enough for everyday use, or something that I am more likely to get weekly phone calls at work from the wife asking how to fix this or that so she can watch TV with the Kids? I have a ton of geek projects around the house, that need constant tending, but since I have children I am looking for something that is fairly rock solid when it comes to TV and the like.   

2. Hardware - the info on this seems a bit sparse, or at least what I can find seems sparse. Could anyone recommend a decent setup that will work out of the box with LinuxMCE, preferably with one of the smaller form factors mobo's like micro atx so it fits in my entertainment center?  I would like to try to keep the costs down as much as possible, but do want all functionality, and eye candy.   

3. Based on what I have told you about me, and what I am looking for, do you think LinuxMCE would be a good fit in my home?  I hope so, because the few videos of it I have seen on-line are absolutely amazing!!!


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Re: A few questions to help me figure out if LinuxMCE is right for me.
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2007, 09:22:14 pm »
LMCE isn't a TiVo yet. its much more complex and has had far less debugging. Its very usable, but with the following constraints-
1) Use recommended hardware (the stuff the dev's use).
2) Off the air content is good- cable and SAT are possible but not like setting up a factory SAT receiver. Those guys don't want outsiders to have that access.
3) Even if it were perfect you will get those calls. If its a TiVo box or a Cable/Sat box you have someone else to blame.