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I'm trying to compile the entire VS solution (Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2) and I'm getting a fatal error:

--- Code: ---1>AVMessageTranslation.cpp
1>c1xx : fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: '..\messagetranslation\AVMessageTranslation.cpp': No such file or directory

--- End code ---

When I try to download that library directly from Pluto's site, I get:

--- Code: ---The requested URL /download/source/ was not found on this server.

--- End code ---

I need to run DCERouter locally to test JPluto.  Can I somehow ignore this dependency, or is it truly needed?  Your help appreciated.


Hi Dan,

We fixed that broken link, so you can now download the archive and try to compile again. That file is needed. You should start compiling DCE library first, then pluto_* projects (databases wrappers) and then the rest of the projects.

Chris M.


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