Author Topic: Making MythTV less persistent on "TV" launch???  (Read 2540 times)


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Making MythTV less persistent on "TV" launch???
« on: October 30, 2007, 05:43:16 pm »
Is there a way to get the MythTV wrapper to be less persistent about trying to force Live TV watching? Say I tell LMCE I want to watch TV, it launches MythTV and voila "MythTV is using all available inputs...." Okay, that's cool, no big deal... so STOP trying to force the TV launch. Is it missing the error feedback or something?

We often watch a recording while it is still recording. For instance, "Chuck" comes on and we know it is recording, but we need to finish doing errand X before sitting down and enjoying the show. The recording continues, for about 20 minutes, and THEN we decide to watch the recording in process only to have MythTV tell me that all inputs are in use again, and again...and again......and again.........and again............and again....

Am I missing the solution somewhere?  ???
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