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Things I miss in linuxmce
« on: October 21, 2007, 11:33:06 am »
I'm a long-time user of XBMC(xbox media center), and have been using linuxmce for 2 months now.

I think linuxmce will be a great mediacenter, however right now it's pretty much useless, as it lacks even the most basic features....

Here's some ideas:

1. Better playlist management for audio playing... It's really a pain to make playlists with the web UI... (Especially if i'm having a party, and want to add new requested songs every now and then..)

My idea of a good way to manage playlists, from within the browser would be that there was added a small menu(Kind of like right click in explorer..), where you could select from one of the following:

"add and play now" | would add the song right under the currently playing song, and start it(skip currently playing file)

"add and play next"  | would add the song right under the currently playing song

"add" | would add the song to the bottom playlist

"start new playlist from file" | will clear playlist, and add this as the only song

Although these may seem the same, they all serve better than the other on different occations.

2. IMDb features
2a. IMDb scraping cover,actors,movieinfo,rating++++ automatically when clicking the "Resynchronize button" on the admin page
2b. Adding the same type of menu as suggested for the music browser (as if you are right-clicking a file in explorer)... The menu should have these features:

"Play now" | Will play the file, IF it is a file... If it is a folder, create a playlist in the right order (CD1 before CD2, S01e01 before S01e02 etc). A good extra feature here would be saving the playlist, and position of playlist, current fileposition etc.

"Look at imdb info" | Will load all the previously scraped imdb info(If not scraped, do it now!) (cover,movieinfo,rating,runtime,type of movie etc). Extra feature: Make it have two pages.. Second page with actor names and any extra info you might think of

An extra feature that would be handy is that it searches the selected folder for a sample movie file (If selected a folder)

3. Better sambasupport(needed to add shares to fstab to even get a chance at playing my media, because the built in samba does not work.... ) ... When restarting my windows server (contains all my music, tv shows and movies), it does not mount back automatically... it still says its mounted, and it can not be force-unmounted.... so the result is I need to restart the core/hybrid to play my media again

I hope you will take my ideas/requests into consideration.
Thank you for your hard work :)

My system is by the way:
amd x2 3600 (AM2) with abit AN9

nvidia Geforce 7300 GS connected to a 37" LCD TV with HDMI.

54mbit wlan connected to main network(and internet)
built in ethernet not used, because I already have a DHCP server that i'm happy with.

tv-tuner will be added when I know for sure what type I need for the new cablebox I will be getting.

controlled with microsoft remote (and keyboard and mouse when the remote doesent work..!)
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Re: Things I miss in linuxmce
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2007, 12:48:03 pm »
all sounds sweet to me one vote for you idea more to follow i think. :)