Author Topic: minor bugs in linuxmce 7.04  (Read 2597 times)


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minor bugs in linuxmce 7.04
« on: October 30, 2007, 01:03:09 pm »
The Linuxmce resolution and audio wizard does not work after MD is configured for DVI.  If you choose to run the wizard again to change resolution or size the desktop; upon reboot the screen will blank-come back and blank again without ever reaching the wizard.  When using a monitor attached to the VGA port you see the same thing.

Different problem;  IF you try to rip a CD with severe scratches your MD will lock.  This can be partially related to the hardware.  Partially an oversight on Linux (error handling).  Buss mastering hardware support can lock the computer if it is given too high a priority. (my guess) lookup for DVD information can get the wrong info because the title of the DVD is not supported properly by  If an exact match is not found MCE database needs to inform user to manually check this information (error handling).  Of 80 disks I ripped 6 had issues but caused 12 DVDs to have problems.   6 disappeared and 6 had wrong info and thumbnail picture.

If user manually edits the database for a DVD (Files and sync) that should be given priority and not changed back as the database again checks

Mentioned in other areas but Myth uses the desktop defaults not the ones chosen by the Linux MCE wizard.  The audio out path does not track what is chosen and used by MCE.

Files made public should have an option to keep others from deleting the file. I.E.  I rip a DVD and want it available on the home MDs but don't want my child or my technology impaired wife to have the ability to delete the DVD I ripped.

All in all I am finding that errors are usually my fault in not understanding LinuxMCE and how it works.  I'm impressed with the forethought and planning in this product.  I have been using/testing a system for about 45 days and am looking forward to the next release.  I expect to document my setup and can provide a users perspective in a linux MCE setup for the forum.