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Hi I have an existing Sarge installation and would like to turn it into a pluto core.  I have finished the wizzard and downloaded the DebianInstallers.tar.gz unpacked it and so forth. now I am having problems to otain the Custom wrapper script. When ever I click on the link it will give me a script wich contains the following :

--- Quote ---ERROR. Invalid activation code. If you don't have an activation code, get yours by signing up at Thank you
--- End quote ---

So what am io doing wrong ?

I have a similar situation. The most of the times I click to dowload custom wizard I get a file with the mentioned error.

After several trials I was able to walk to the next page that contains a link to DebianInstallers.tar.gz and then shows what is supposed to be the script itself.

Unfortunately it is shown in a format like this:

OK OK #!/bin/bash error=0 # /usr/pluto/bin/ConfirmDependencies -r -D pluto_main -h localhost -u plutovip -d 50696 install #Device: CORE (#7 Generic PC as Core) doesn't require any software. #Device: DCERouter (#1 DCERouter) requires software #.Pluto DCE Router #..MySQL 4 client libraries #..MySQL 4 common #..Pluto Standard Plugins #...Pluto System Database #....Pluto sqlCVS #.....MySQL 4 server #.....Pluto DCE library #......Pluto SerializeClass library #.......Pluto PlutoUtils library #.....Pluto Request Action (RA) Library #.....Pluto Database Settings #....Pluto Boot Scripts #.....screen #.....NetCat #.....Pluto MessageSend #.....MySQL 4 client #.....NFS Kernel Server #.....syslinux #.....bzip2 #.....NTP date #.....Discover 1 #.....Hotplug #.....FTP upload #.....iproute #.....whois (mkpasswd) # ................. deletia ................ read #EOF

I tried to cut-and-paste it into a file, but it won't run.

I tried also to settle the scrip by adding some CR, but I think that by the time I'll finish this I will be ready to install Pluto 4 ....    :)

Is it a bug of the wizard, or are we doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance and regards

Well .. just to be precise ....

On the page 8 of the wizard if I click on "Auto install script" link I get a file with error in side, if I click "Custom Wrapper for CORE" link I get a new page with the messed up script.


our original vision was allowing Pluto to run on virtually all Linux distributions, and even on Windows.  The installation wizard was built around that concept.  however very early on we realized this was completely impossible because each distribution has different versions of the core programs we use (Xine, Asterisk, etc.)  and some are compatible with our wrappers and some are not, and even the stock Debian is not compatible.  So we abandon this a long time ago, but the installation wizard has not been rewritten.  We are working on a change that will eliminate the installation wizard completely, using only a stock CD that prompts for a few questionsthe works exclusively with our own mirror, since that is all that is working anyway.  So that auto install script does not work and actually will be eliminated.  Sorry.

Thanks Aaron for your reply, even if it is not exactly the answer I was waiting for.

I've just reinstalled my test box with stock debian, because this was the only way to get rid of many problems related to your distro (new drivers/software recompilation, Xine that performs badly on my box, ....).

I made these steps because on your docs it was stated that your distro is debian based, and in the wizard it was also offered the option to get an installation over existing debian box.

I have full respect for the great job you have made so far and I understand that there surely are good reasons for this change of vision.

Nevertheles I hope you will understand that it is a bit disappointing hearing at this stage that what I've made so far may be totally unuseful.

You are now saying that auto install script will never work.
According to your docs there is still one option left, i.e to get a list of needed packages and install them one by one manually.
Is this option possible (even if it may take forever ...) ?

Please I need a clear answer, as I need to make myself a clear picture of what may Pluto be for me and also for a possible business that I'm evaluating to start.

Again, don't get me wrong. I'm not in any way blaming you and your project, just want to know whether this project may be or not an option for me. :wink:

Thanks and regards.


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