Author Topic: Any Perl developer around ? Making generic framework for LMCE-Perl integration..  (Read 2924 times)


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I've written some mock up code for device driver in Perl. Since I'm lousy Perl programmer, I'd kindly ask if there is anyone there more familiar with Perl.

I'd like to help with implementation of some generic Perl modules that would ease connection with LMCE, either in a sense of device driver or event handler. Maybe some compatibility with Misterhouse wouldn't be bad.

I thought that maybe Perl:Poe would b efine place to start. I can contribute "proof of concept code" and all my knowledge of LMCE's internals, but would ask for some help in getting this implemented in clean, proper Perl way....

Anyone ?



Thanks in advance,




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Kind of an old topic guys, but is there now any perl/misterhouse integration with LMCE?  I looked in the forum and came up on only this post regarding the topic. thanks.


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misterhouse is a toy in comparison to lmce, and lmce can do everything it can do as far as i know so there is no need to keep misterhouse around when doing a lmce install.


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Ain't elite thinking a nice thing.

And no LinuxMCE can't do all things Misterhouse can. At least I haven't seen, as an example, a xAP or xPL driver in LinuxMCE.

Whether or not it makes sense to interface/integrate Misterhouse into LinuxMCE is a differect subject. But denoting a project like Misterhouse as being a toy in comparisation to anything else, is not the right thing, imho.


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There is also voice control.

But the back end is no dcerouter ;)
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