Author Topic: Is there a way to use raw codes rather than pronto codes while controlling a TV  (Read 1871 times)


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  Hi all,

 I managed to setup my homebrew transmitter using the usb-uirt template.
 Know can see ir signal whenever i press the pronto code test button in the AV properties of my TV. My TV is an LG 29M30RX clone, i have tried some LG pronto codes of different LG models in vain.

  I can learn my tv remote IR raw codes using irrecord, then i add those to the lircd.conf file and i can control my TV.

  So far im not sure if my TV can understand Pronto code / format.

 Is there a way to send raw codes to my tv ?

 I tried to look at the tv templates and i could find a template that uses anything else than pronto codes.

 I also looked to convert my raw codes into Pronto but i could find a way to do so.

  Any help would be greatly appreciated.