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A couple of questions
« on: October 10, 2007, 05:56:11 pm »
Can anyone help me here.

I am using a Nokia N-gage as a mobile orbiter. Problem Is that I cannot use it to start a DVD. Normally to start for a normal orbiter, i click on the "manage drives" then click play. When I choose manage drives from the mobile orbiter I just get a blank screen and it locks up, requiring me to stop the mobile app and restart. I thought I could just create a new "scenario" which if my understanding is correct is just a new button which i could then choose directly from the media menu, however I cant quite work out how to get the button to start the dvd drive. Any help would be appreciated.

The second question is, My core is a DELL XPS Gen2 laptop, my other media director is a dell D610 laptop (these are just to test the app before I go full fledged spending). I can transfer what I am watching from the core to the other MD and it picks up from where it left off, however if i go from the MD back to the core, the media starts from the begining. Any ideas?