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Hi guys
« on: October 13, 2007, 03:45:29 am »
Could someone please point me in the correct direction. There seems to be a built in event handler that gets triggered when a sensor gets tripped, which starts a countdown and then displays a security breach message. Where is this procedure stored?

Ive set my webcam up to act as a security cam, but it seems that the active sensors page doesnt really work in this environment. The "Disarmed" mode seems to be the only thing that makes any difference. With "Disarmed" set to Security. No matter what mode is set on my orbiter, the event gets triggered and the security breach process starts, even with all the other modes set to "Do nothing". With "Disarmed" set to do nothing, the security breach process never kicks in, even when the other modes are set to security. So I want to try and reverse engineer the process.

Also, anyone know how to include the current "Mode" in the decision as to wether to fire the trigger or not?

Many thanks for your comments.