Author Topic: Shuttle SD11G5 & LinuxMCE to drive 1080p ?  (Read 1779 times)


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Shuttle SD11G5 & LinuxMCE to drive 1080p ?
« on: October 08, 2007, 12:14:14 pm »

Hi All,

I'm new to LinuxMCE and I'm just about to start buying and building a PVR as I think the hardware (in terms of size, noise level and power) is just about there. I'm looking to get a Shuttle SD11G5 as the bare bones and put a 2.5" HDD in (as they're quiter), 2-4Gb dual channel RAM and a TV card (maybe the kworld DVB-T dual tuner). I understand the setup has linux drivers but I'd like to know if anyones got LinuxMCE working on it?

The shuttle spec can be found here:
The kworld spec can be found here:

The only real downside I can see for MCE is the Video card (integrated) is Intel's Graphics Media Accelerator 900 VGA graphics engine. Will this work or should I be looking to build a Nvidia pci-e?

The MCE will be driving an LG 42LF66 ( in 1920x1080 (full 1080p) either through the PC-Sub connector or a DVI-D to HDMI converter (if I can find one). So I'm going to want to scale-up SD DVB-T and DVD content using software!


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