Author Topic: diskless MDs where did i go wrong??  (Read 1691 times)


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diskless MDs where did i go wrong??
« on: October 03, 2007, 06:53:30 am »
ok, have a honking machine setup as the main media director.  it runs fine.  have 2 identical machines to run as diskless media directors with one exception. the sound card in one is onboard, the other is a pci turtle beach with sp/dif out.

the one (working) uses stereo out to the tv, and Svidoe as the video connector.
the one (not working) uses toslink to an amp, and DVI<->HDMI as the video connector.

previously, with lmce 0704 i DID have this particular machine up and fine as a diskless MD.  Same hardware etc.

the point we get to is where the machine boots up for the first time, acquires IP and announces itself to the router.  from then on it works fine until we get to the video/audio wizard. this completes properly HOWEVER, the final tab listed at the top, the "Step 9 : Final" tab is never accessed. i set the video connector, moves on, set audio, moves on, until the last part at the DTS test screen.  No matter my answer, it's never moving forward from there.

it will/has/can sit there for days if I let it. 

I have removed the media director from the lmce web interface as a device, and rebooted the CORE, however if i let the machine PXE boot again, it gets same IP, and a different moon## and proceeds as normal.  that is, until we get to the AV Wizard setup.

any ideas.