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Media and location movement.
« on: October 02, 2007, 08:22:22 pm »

I am a Mythtv long time user and now I am interested in moving onto home automation. One of the things that I liked more about linuxmce is that it sais the media follows you arround the house. I would like to know what kind of hardware do I need so the system knows my location. Also how does it works when theres more than 1 person in the house. For example, I am watching TV and want it to follow me arround the house, but then I go into my bedrrom where my wife is watching another TV channel. What happens? I guess my wife would keep on watching TV as she was there before. But my sesion pauses, gets recorded, or its simply stoped? Its remembered so when I go to another empty room, after being in the bedroom where my wife was, it starts playing where I left it?

Hope this wasnt too mesy.



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Re: Media and location movement.
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2007, 01:07:55 am »
The automatic follow-me functionaility originally was designed to work with mobile orbiters that used bluetooth to connect. When it lost a connection in one room and picked up another one in another room - it assumed that you had switched rooms and would get the currently playing media to follow that user. If the media director is busy I am not sure what is meant to happen.

There are various posts on the success (or not) of this implicit follow me.

What does work (and reliably) is explicit follow me, where the user tells an orbiter where they are and what media to move where. This is can be done using any orbiter and using a floorplan of the house. This certainly works, although I had had different levels of results depending upon the media type. Some types seem to restart, some try to continue but get it a bit wrong. It certainly is  a great feature though and makes you feel very powerful :) It also enables the same media to be easily streamed to multiple spots.

The fiire remote also has an explicit feature which I think works similar to a mobile orbiter, but rather than automatically detecting a user moving it waits for the user to press a follow me (connect) button on the remote. I understand that this works very well.