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It'd be great to be able to switch applications. At this point I have to exit the application in order to start another or get back to the menu. I have a pretty beefy hybrid server that I'd like to use for day-to-day stuff like email, etc. Any word on when some of this functionality might be coming?

One problem is the full-screen window system we use, while it is desired for a set top box and a remote control, it's no good for a normal pc with keyboard/mouse.  So the plan is that when you click 'computing' there is a button that switches to a 'normal' kde or gnome desktop with a normal window manager, where there will be an icon to switch back again.  No ETA on that yet, though, sorry, we're pretty swamped at the moment.

Okay. Maybe I'll see if I can just get Ratpoison to do what I want with keyboard bindings.


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