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Re: HDMI Streaming
« Reply #15 on: September 28, 2007, 05:53:15 pm »

Thanks for that Juan!

All this is a bit sickening! The stuff that is.
I've only started looking at this stuff (MCE, home automation etc...) at the end of last week, and to see how simple it is to do it manually but then see a price of $4k for one small box which will only work with one TV! It really makes you want to cry and set up your own company building those boxes!!!

I'd love to see the mark up guys like AMX, Crestron, Exceptional Innovation, Netstreams, Vantage, and more make on this stuff!

Also if you read between the lines this is only a box, no networking of room! you need the guys mentioned above to do that at an extra cost of say $40 k for 3 room network!

The article about the MS extenders; I came across then about 6 months ago when I was looking at a Sony MCE box for a local Sony shop, they wanted to sell the boxes and use me to set up and support! On my own with no formal training at all in IT!

The shop owner had been told that they are simple to network and have media all over the house for nothing! I asked for $25 k for a 3 room set up excluding equipment, they had a heart attach and then went looking for others, no one else would do it.

Here in Ireland there has been a boom in our economy which means that lots of people have lots on money but the knowledge has not developed as quickly as the money!

As a final note could people vote on my poll, I'm trying to get a feel for what’s going on out there in this area of technology.