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« on: September 23, 2007, 02:31:13 pm »
I've just about managed to get this all installed and mostly working - just a few queries (which I'll post individually!)

Firstly (and go easy on me - I know nothing about lirc)...

I dont seem to be able to get the imon volume knob to work properly.

It vauguely controls the volume - but takes *lots* of turns to make any changes..
What config files do I need to play with ?

irw seems to report the movements ok :
00000000010000ff 04 VolDown IMON_KNOB
00000000010000ff 05 VolDown IMON_KNOB
00000000010000ff 06 VolDown IMON_KNOB
00000000000100ff 00 VolUp IMON_KNOB
00000000000100ff 01 VolUp IMON_KNOB
00000000000100ff 02 VolUp IMON_KNOB
00000000000100ff 03 VolUp IMON_KNOB
00000000000100ff 04 VolUp IMON_KNOB

I've indirectly set up a /etc/lircd.conf file  (via the media director->add remote) and that contains the :

          VolUp                0x000100FF
          VolDown              0x010000FF


How does this get translated to 'turn the volume up' - is it via /etc/lircrc ?

I'm assuming that lircd should be running ?