Author Topic: Did not run A/V wizard... normal? - core  (Read 1009 times)


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Did not run A/V wizard... normal? - core
« on: September 23, 2007, 05:48:06 pm »
I'm having a terrible time trying to get a computer to do a diskless boot. I have not had a successfull boot, however, the server is being detected.

On my server, I set it up a core and only a core, so, does it make sense that it never ran that green themed A/V set up thing?


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Re: Did not run A/V wizard... normal? - core
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2007, 01:14:45 pm »
have just been setting up my house system and ran into problems getting MDs setup.

When i would start the MD for the first time it would find the hybryd core (which I had setup at my office on the office network), would annonce itself to the router and would start setup, sometimes this would get stuck at the stage where it is trying to setup the nvidia driver other times it would get to the point where it is starting myth tv, had some strange times where it would get to the avwizard but the mouse would disapear and would fail to complete and on one occasion it actually got through the avwizard but then wouldn't start properly.

I messed around with this for quite a while, it just didn't make sence and I couldn't get the MDs to work.

I suspected dodgy wires and had tried to make sure all the wires running to the different rooms worked as they should and replaced any that didn't. tried it all again and still the MDs wouldn't work.

took the hybrd/core and all the MDs to my office and reinstalled every thing and added the MDs and it worked!

took it all home and tried the reinstalled system and it didn't work, reininstalled it all again at home and it still didn't work - what the f&$k

much head scratching and wire testing  later I thought I should try replacing the one thing I hadn't yet considered as the problem - the hub/router and hey preto, with a new hub/router, MD's start up and run the avwizard and work just as they should, all 4 I have so far installed without a problem.

the faulty hub/router had been running the network at home with windows machines fine so you maybe in a similar situation, check your network hardware in case thats where you problem lies as linuxmce will have a problems it seems even if windows doesn't.

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