Author Topic: Audio not in sync with DVD and/or ripped DVD videos  (Read 6627 times)


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Re: Audio not in sync with DVD and/or ripped DVD videos
« Reply #15 on: January 10, 2008, 04:08:00 pm »
I'm also having this issue when I have 0704 installed. However, 0710 beta 2 does not seem to have the same problem on my system.
My Hybrid System
AMD 5200+
2GB Ram
250 GB SATA Drive ST3250620AS
500w PS
LITE-ON DH-20A4P-04 20X DL DVD writer (IDE)
ZCU000 Zwave Controller


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Re: Audio not in sync with DVD and/or ripped DVD videos
« Reply #16 on: March 21, 2008, 03:36:05 pm »
I'm having this issue as well.

Interesting sidenote (I thought anyway).  I have a HDMI vid card and run the connection through a Onkyo 805 receiver.  This is just for testing as a MD will eventually be connected through the Onkyo with SPDIF surround sound.  Currently I'm running a stereo to RCA adapter to the receiver.  I noticed the video is a little faster than the sounds (mouth opens, count to 10-20ms and the sounds hits).  This confused me because I was always under the impression that the video was supposed to lag, not the sound, when using digital video.  I figured, "No problem", and went into the receiver setup and changed the delay from 20ms to 0ms.  Everything looked great, but it started de-syncing again after a short amount of time.  I double checked the delay on the receiver and all is still where I left it.  So either a) I never fixed it and missed the smaller delay or b) something got confused again.

Also, I tried HDMI & SPDIF from my laptop w/ WinXP and there is no sync issues.  Dunno if that's windows or the combination of digital inputs (rather than mixing digital vid and analog sound).  I did notice, however, that the sound coming from the laptop speakers is out of sync (or Phase if you're a real audiophile) with the rest of the setup.  Again, the 20ms or so delay.

I'd be interested in hearing which way it's desyncing for everyone else.  Is the vid or sound faster?  Also, what inputs everyone is using.  I know some new devices have A/V sync controls (like my receiver).

For reference, my setup is:
HDMI vid card -> HDMI input on Onkyo Receiver -> HDMI input on Mitsubishi Projector
Stereo output on Hybrid Core -> stereo to RCA adapter -> receiver RCA L/R input -> speakers.

Hope this helped!


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Re: Audio not in sync with DVD and/or ripped DVD videos
« Reply #17 on: March 25, 2008, 02:48:55 am »
Just to fill in. I've noticed this on DVD but not avi divx files. I too tried to use the synce on my onkyo tx-sr605 receiver, but I am using SPDIF via coax to the receiver.

so ...
HDMI video card -> HDMI input on Onkyo receiver ->nHDMI input on Sharp aqous TV
SPDIF coax on hybrid core -> SPDOF coax in on Onkyo receiver -> speakers


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Re: Audio not in sync with DVD and/or ripped DVD videos
« Reply #18 on: March 25, 2008, 06:53:20 am »
Blackhat - btw, the video can either lag or lead, either is possible as it is almost always to do with timing as the streams get demultiplexed, although it is often usually one more than the other. And out of sync is different from out of phase. What you are describing is out of sync. Out of phase would be manifested in a v different way, effecting the quality of the sound but not in a way that you would be able to detect a delay with your ears.

Its interesting that others are commenting on DVDs displaying this as well. If the rip is just the straight data from the disk, without re-encoding or re-multiplexing, yet there is still a difference in the delay between disk based on DVD based, that might suggest a problem with xine de-multiplexing the stream on the decode side. If DVDs were fine and video files were not, then that is more likely to be on the encoder side of things. If it is consistent, there are options for things like xine to introduce a static delay so you can compensate. Although I have not played with it. Another thought is, is the delay varying as the media plays - specifically getting longer and longer? Or perhaps even getting longer, then having a light audio drop, and coming good again for  while? That could be indicative of frame rate conversions such as a pull down - that causes alsorts of problems with sync when converting from film to 25/30/50/60fps...