Author Topic: AVWizard blackscreens, even with correct number keys  (Read 2211 times)


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AVWizard blackscreens, even with correct number keys
« on: September 21, 2007, 09:45:42 am »
I just installed LinuxMCE 0704 QuickInstall on an simple PC with an ATI X300 card. It installed correctly, but on first boot, before the resolution beeps, my TV gives 'Video Mode not supported'. After pressing 1 (DVI), waiting, and pressing 7 (1024x768, the only mode that works completely in X on that tv), the screen blacks out, even after the beeps, and after waiting 10 minutes. The xorg.conf has the correct resolution, and the TV gives no error. Note that after switching the TV to EXT1, and back to PC, the PC name on the TV OSD did not say PC-D, like it usually does with DVI, but just PC. Switching to VT2 (Ctrl+Alt+F2), and all VT's from 1 to 5 works correctly, and gives the PC-D identifier.

By the way, the TV is an Philips 26" model. :)

Could anyone help me? :)

-- Bas

PS: The TV always worked correctly with the Pluto AVWizard.


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Re: AVWizard blackscreens, even with correct number keys
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2007, 10:57:18 am »
The first "page" of the  AV wizard comes up in 640x480 regardless of native settings. (atleast my projector claims it does)

Guess 640x480 is assumed to be a safe resolution.
How to fix that... hmmm