Author Topic: Please. Please. More motherboards setups and generic stuff in WIKI..  (Read 1646 times)


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If you have a working setup for linuxmce can you please please update it in the WIKI. like or in the motherboard area.  It would really be beneficial to all of us to see more motherboards and also combo setups (like shuttle) that are truly working.  This way when a new person comes on board (like me) they can just go there and see a quick setup, buy it online and know how it needs to be setup to get it going.  Thanks!


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Yes I agree.
I want to build a LinuxMCE too but I am deterred by all the installation problems listed on the forum. A standard unit with full capabilities (1080p, spdif, HDMI) and little or no hassle installation would definitely help me make the plunge.  Thanks.


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