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HADesigner not working :(


Went to try my hand at abit of skin editing this morning, once i'd downloaded all the needed database drivers and .net bits on my win2000 box, i got this error.

pluto.dcr database not there.
Ok, so i installed phpmyadmin on my core and checked the databases.
Tryed again with the database now set to pluto_main, now getting this error:

table pluto_main.Criteria_D dosn't exist.

Had a look, and nope, no table with that name. I can't see any way of editing this in the designer so i'm now stuck.

is there a new version of the HADesigner or a work around as i really want to play with my own ideas for an interface.

dan.g (username and email is our in-house designer guy.  He'll get you a newer version and answer questions you have about it, including how to commit new UI you create to the main distro, if that's what you want.

ok cheers, i'll drop him an email now.


Same question than above. I would like to know how can I user this program in order to reskin orbiter and I have some startup errors like this one :

Microsoft.Data.Odbc.OdbcException: ERROR [42S01] [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver][mysqld-4.0.20a-nt]Table 'hadesigner.array' doesn't exist

Of course, I've not found such table in any of pluto databases.

Any suggestions ?


i think you need a newer version of HADesigner.
what's your email address? pm, so i can send it to you.


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