Author Topic: Unable to install Pluto VideoLan Server  (Read 2433 times)


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Unable to install Pluto VideoLan Server
« on: September 11, 2007, 05:34:56 am »
My core keeps trying to install Pluto VideoLAN Server, but I do not see any package for it.  when i apt-cache search for pluto or videolan I do not see the package.  I checked to deb-cache on the 0704 CDS, and i do not see it in those packages as well.  I do however see it as still listed under src in the download able sources tar file.  Is any one else running into this problem?  It does not really seem to be hindering the performance other than I repeated see the Downloading Pluto VideoLAN Server box pop up on screen to then be followed by Problem downloading Pluto VideoLAN Server box. 

It is my understanding that this is needed to use the follow me feature, but since I do not use this feature, I may not be seeing the issue.