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Abit AN-M2HD any give it a try. Would like to know if compatible?

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Another option is to reboot into "rescue" mode (press [Esc] during boot when told to do so), then after making changes either reboot again or use "telinit 2".

Lol. But for me I think I want something a little bit more streamlined. I feel like If I buy something for the use of its features. (MOBO with all the fun stuff) then I should be able use them ..... anyway ..... But that said thanks for all the info looks like you solved the mystery for everyone .....

Now is anyone else successfully using a 7050 board without the hitches?

I think the 7025 and 7050 are pretty much the same thing, just one has HDMI support and the other has DVI.

The core problem with the 7050 is that the chipset has new internal hooks for control and won't work with the older drivers. The newer drivers work the board, but with bugs (check their web site, and I have experienced these myself). its obviously possible to update the drivers and move forward but the experience won't be as stable as the older solutions for now.  Probably one more release of the driver from Nvidia and working out an installer solution will fix this.

I have also noticed no difference in the video performance, power consumption or system load with the new chipset, but as usual, Linux will get 50% of the good stuff a year later.


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