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Using receiver as a client and video cards...
« on: August 29, 2007, 06:18:59 pm »
Hi all,
I'm about to embark on building a system based on LinuxMCE and whilst I've read the most recent posts on the forums for answers to my questions below I can't see anything, so here goes....

Proposed LinuxMCE setup :
  Core :    New (to be built) server in basement, 64 dual core cpu, 2Gb ram, >100Gb HDD, 2Gb NIC's, IR dongle to control Sat box, 2 Tuner / video cards (1 for Sat, 1 for "over the air" video in)
  Client : To be built / bought but thinking about either a relatively bare bones Shuttle with just a some RAM and a HD DVD OR a Yamaha home cinema receiver (that's one of my questions below).
  TV : Sharp Aquos LC46XL1E
  Audio : Yamaha RX-V2700
  Cabling : Cat 5e
  Security/Lights etc : None for now

  1) - The Yamaha has a network connection and the manual for this says you can connect it to your DCHP server "to listen to music". Does it / could it also work with receiving video over the network connection ie from LMCE and then directing the audio to the speakers and the video to the TV? I appreciate this could be specific to the Yamaha and might need to ask on another forum, but anyone know if this can / has been done on any other home cinema receiver (namely to use it as a client if it has a network connection)?

  2) -  Video cards. If I do actually need a PC as a client (which would then feed the Sharp/Yamaha), I have been told to "get the best card(s) I can afford" so I'm assuming these two should go in the core/server?. But what about in the clients? Do they need to have top of the range cards too? Do the better/best cards need to be just in the core or the client or both?

  3) - CPU in client. Do I need a kick ass CPU in the client or do I just need one in the core and an average one in the client?

Can anyone offer any tips advice pls?