Author Topic: Found win share but doesnt show the media on it  (Read 1670 times)


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Found win share but doesnt show the media on it
« on: August 26, 2007, 07:13:26 pm »
Hi, i have installed Linuxmce in a hybrid & core way, after that i created in xp pro a home network with the workgroup as 'Linuxmce'. After that my linuxmce machine and orbiter saw the machine and i can access the media that i have in it, but it seems that linuxmce cant. I have 3 'hard drives', i think one is 'house', my windows user, other is public and the other is private (Im not shure about the names becouse they just doesnt appear, and i dont know if they should...)
So my question is how can i have my media shown in Linuxmce... I thought it was automatic  :o


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Re: Found win share but doesnt show the media on it
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2007, 02:38:35 pm »
If I understand correctly, you are accessing a windows network share?

There are a couple of "rules" to make it automatic (atleast in my experience)

First you have to make sure the hard drive or the individual folders that you want access to are shared.

Then LMCE needs to be the HDPC server for the network, If you turned that off it woun't find anything automatically.

Then if LMCE detects the share you click on "file server" and then you get two options

"make all content public"
If you make all content public you should see the existing content after LMC is done "configuring device".

"use LMCE folder structure",
If you chose to use the LMCE structure you will, after LMCE is done "configuring device", have to move the existing material into the appropriate folder for example "/public/data/video" (you can do this from a window box).

You should now see the media (but it may take time, I think my first media showed up after about five minutes).