Author Topic: Help! - Suggestions on best practices for media center only install?  (Read 2341 times)


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Hi all,

I tried to install LinuxMCE back with release 1 and couldn't get a successful install. I've since been using Myth on Fedora Core 6 with a few things installed from source (Nvidia driver, ATI soundcard driver and Lirc - to support a Windows MCE remote).

I'd like to take another shot at LMCE but I have no interest in the security/lights/network plug-n-play features. My interest is primarily motivated by the obviously superior GUI/guide etc. I know there's been a lot of talk about LMCE being pointless if you don't use the other features, but I really don't need them.

With all that being said, can anyone suggest some "best practices" or even a step-by-step on how to set up LinuxMCE as a standalone media box (no DHCP server, having only one network interface, etc)? I've seen several threads covering different aspects of this, but nothing that gives an all inclusive "how-to" on the subject.

I would like to suggest to the LinuxMCE team that the next release have an option to install this kind of setup in an automated fashion. Seems there is enough interest/market to justify it.

Any and all help appreciated.

PS - hardware config is as follows, if it's relevant:

MSI RX480 Neo2-F Socket 939 Motherboard
Westinghouse 37" 1080p Monitor connected via DVI
AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core FX60 Socket 939 CPU
Single 7200 30GB IDE drive for OS/LMCE software
Dual 7200 400GB SATA drives in LVM for media
Motorola 6140 set top tuner box connected by firewire for digital cable/HD cable.
Two Hauppauge WIN-TV-150 tuners for analog us-cable.


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Re: Help! - Suggestions on best practices for media center only install?
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2007, 06:26:23 pm »
Sure, no problem at all, here is a very simple step-by-step howto on doing just that:

1. Install LinuxMCE
2. Do not attach a cable to the second network interface if you have one.
3. Congratulations, you are done. 

That wasn't so hard now was it? ;)
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