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Setting up remote
« on: August 02, 2007, 10:41:32 am »
Hey, so I'm setting up MCE for the first time, and I have a couple of questions.

My set up is a 32 inch LCD TV (using IR remote), then a Hauppauge TV Tuner (that has an IR dongle that will receive the IR signal from the Tv tuner remote), and thats about it (I may add some more IR devices later).

I want a really cool wireless remote that will work with all my devices. I have my eye on a wireless gamepad, like a PS2 or Xbox 360 controller that can be used with a pc wirelessly. i've found several of these, however, they dont use bluetooth nor IR. I beleive they use microwaves, just like cordless phones, as most of them read 2.4 ghz.

Would this wireless gamepad be able to control my TV tuner (or at least MythTV) and my 32 inch LCD that uses IR? what if i get more IR devices in the future - will the gamepad be able to control them? through my understanding, there is a good shot of me getting the gamepad to work with MCE, and therefore MythTV - so i should be able to control the guide/change channels in mythtv. however, would this gamepad be able to control my tv and other IR devices?

On 2nd thought - does it even matter if it controls my IR devices? as long as MCE senses my gamepad and i can control everything, fast forward, raise volume, move the cursor, etc, then i dont need it to control my TV. I wouldnt need it to control my tv speakers - my audio would be plugged into a basic computer 2.1 system, so as long as the volume in MCE could be raised its ok.

sorry for the ramble but these things get confusing. thanks in advance - ohnonomiss
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