Author Topic: Lots of Q's: Movies, Tagging, Skins, etc...  (Read 2311 times)


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Lots of Q's: Movies, Tagging, Skins, etc...
« on: July 31, 2007, 06:12:45 am »
Im setting up the directories for all of my wonderful wonderful media, I have it all kept on a internal SATA drive. My OS and LMCE is setup on a smaller IDE drive. I know that LMCE is supposed to autofind all the files on the internal disks, but for some reason, it didnt :( so I found the mount location (/mnt/device/30/Videos) and created a symbolic link to the /home/public/videos folder so that you could see all my files in LMCE. This worked(kinda) except it pulls them all into the same folder in LMCE instead of keeping them nicely organized like they were(movies in movies folder, tv shows in tv shows folder so I dont have ten dozen "scrubsS01E13" files), is there any way I can keep them organized into folders, but for video files show the tag info, or can I add the name of the tv show, and organize by that(really anything to keep it more organized).

Is there any way to pull the tagging off of IMDB, amazon, any of those like in mythtv? cuz that was really really efficient. I went with LMCE because I wanted the home automation stuff, but myth seemed to be so much more refined... How do you setup the movie posters, etc, myth autodownloaded em, LMCE is leavin me dry

why is it offset?! I setup the offsets when I go through the setup wizard, yet for some unknown reason, when I watch a dvd its shifted to the left, and all the menu's seem cut off on the right side, or just generally botched...

Why is the audio off in all of my movies?! they are fine in windows  :(

Im still waiting to get my home automation stuff and bluetooth dongle, any reccomendation on what to get? I want to control lights with the home automation stuff, maybe more, but right now, just lights, and with the bluetooth, I would like to use my wiimote(is this possible with a dandy combination of wii drivers and some finageling?)

All in all, I just would like to see more howto, more help, and more direction, LMCE is beautiful, that video posted to advertise it is awesome, im willing to spend the money too directly copy that setup, I just want to find a system that works.