Author Topic: LinuxMCE 0704 RC1 Released  (Read 8387 times)


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Re: LinuxMCE 0704 RC1 Released
« Reply #15 on: July 28, 2007, 03:36:53 pm »
>> but is that version jump really necessary?  What's the point in trailing the ubuntu versions when the goal is to run on other distro's as well?  ...  Or do we have a marketting department as well now?

No marketing :)  The most common problem with the beta 1/2 was that people were installing it on the wrong Ubuntu version.  So I figured syncing the versions would be better and make it clearer that this only works with 0704, and the next release for Kubuntu will be 0710, etc.  As far as other distros, what I was thinking of doing was making all the versions trail the respective distros.  So the Kubuntu version could be KU-0704 and KU-0710.  If, in June, there's a release for, say SuSe 20, then the LinuxMCE that goes with it would be LinuxMCE SU-20.

This isn't ideal.  But since LinuxMCE is an add-on and not yet included in the distros, I was trying to find a way to prevent people from using the wrong version of LinuxMCE for their distro, or using the LinuxMCE for Kubuntu on Fedora, etc.  Any other suggestions are welcome.

You're right, though, that 1.0 shouldn't have been 1.0, and should have been a 0.9 or something.

Fair enough, I still think it's a bad idea tho, how are people going to know which is the latest version?  Impossible to tell with KU-0704 vs SU-20 etc.  Why not just append that so we'll get "1.1 KU0704", "1.1 SU20", at least that way it's clear that it's all version 1.1 and that there should be no major differences between them, it also leaves room for a possible 1.2 version.

I'm going to do a change-log and post the sources next week when the final one is released.  There is a new update mechanism.  And also a backup/restore.  The beta 1/2 and RC1 won't likely cleanly upgrade because all upgrades will assume you're starting with the final release as a base.  the beta 1/2 and rc1 are for tests to confirm it's all ok.  but once the release is out, it will keep updating itself.  This has been tested a lot.

That is great, shame that the new upgrade mechanism won't be able to upgrade from RC1 already, would have been a good incentive to switch I reckon.  Thanks for putting in all that hard work, despite my whining I really appreciate what you guys are doing.

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