Author Topic: LinuxMCE Audio Portion - Sucks?  (Read 2555 times)


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LinuxMCE Audio Portion - Sucks?
« on: July 01, 2007, 07:11:06 am »
I loaded some of my completely tagged to ID3v2 (including embedded album art) into /home/public/data/audio and tried to play it with LMCE, but all that shows up is just big blue squares. The names show down the right side, but when I try to "Play All," nothing happens. So then I click one of the big blue squares, and it takes me to the album listing now. Then I try "More>Play All" again, and still nothing. So I click on the big blue square for the album and it takes me to a track listing. "More>Play All" FINALLY!!! It plays.

So I thought these big blue squares were supposed to be album art?

Now I right click to take me back to the main screen... OH WAIT, I CAN'T JUST VIEW THE PHOTOS! It shows me a few of the tracks, the artist, the album the current playing track, and the track position. I right click to try and hide that and/or bring up the menu, but noooooo, it just flashes.

Will I have these problems if I install LMCE 1.0? 1.1B2 FTL.

P.S. I'm using a gyration universal MCE remote, and the pause button doesn't work. Neither does the play button. Only buttons that work are Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind, Next, and Previous. This means that I can't pull out of a fast forward/rewind. What gives?