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Asterisk and Sipura SPA-2000
« on: June 29, 2007, 11:31:59 am »
How do you set up this sip to analog phone adapter to work with linuxmce? I got it to work with Asterisk all by itself, but linuxmce requires you to setup you phones and extensions through its admin website and I don't see an option for this.

Also I have two incoming phone numbers with two different broadvoice accounts. When I set up these as two phone lines it will only except one phone number. It will add both phone lines, but it will only allow one of those phone lines to have a phone number. When I add the number to the second line it wipes out the first number for the first line. Is this a bug? I can't believe that linuxmce only supports 1 phone number!

I'm almost at the point of just disabling all phone functionalities from the core and just running asterisk desperately. I know I'll be loosing a lot of functionality, but I've been without a phone for a while because of this and I need some that works...


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Re: Asterisk and Sipura SPA-2000
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2007, 12:51:25 pm »
Shortly after I sent this I figured out that I could use AMP found at Advanced->Configuration->Phone Setup to setup the multiple phone lines and adapters. This, however, did not setup the phone devices in the Wizard and also seemed to removed the Phone Lines entries in the Wizard.

Since it's really late I can't do much more testing on the phone lines. I was , however, able to verify that outbound calling is working, but inbound is not. For some reason Asterisk is detecting the wrong phone number. This did not happen with the standalone asterisk using the exact same register string... I'll work on it some more tomorrow...


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Re: Asterisk and Sipura SPA-2000
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2007, 07:07:31 pm »
How to add a SIP telephone/ sip to analog phone adapter to LinuxMCE Asterisk

Step1: Open an internet browser. Type in the Address field the ip of your Core
Step2: Login with your LinuxMCE user and password, that you've created in the Video Wizard.
Step3: Go to Wizard -> Devices -> Phones
Step4: Click "Add Device".
          Select "Generic SIP Softphone" from the Device Template and press "Pick Device Template" button.
          New Your new Generic SIp Softphone/ Adapter it's added.
Step5: Configure the LinuxMCE device:
          Change the "Generic SIP softphone" Description with something more appropriate for you.
          Select the room where its situated.
          Select the "PK_FloorplanObjectType" according to your device. This will be the icon how it will appear on the floorplan.

         Note down the "PhoneNumber" that Lmce assigned for your device.

          Enter the desired IP address that you want to be assigned to this devices by the DHCP server according to its MAC address.  You can find the mac address in the phone menu / web page or on the back of the phone / adapter. You can assign a static IP address too.
NOTE: Be sure to assign an IP address from the Internal lan of Your CORE!!!
Step6: Configure your Softphone / Voip Phone / Voip Adapter:
          First you should read the manual to see how you can configure it more easily by Web , from the console, of from the phone keypad etc.
          - Network -
          Set IP to DHCP or Manual. BY dhcp the Ip will be provided automatically by the LMCE dhcp server.
          - Line Setup -
          Set the Username, Password (secret) and phone number with the "PhoneNumber" that appear in the LinuxMCE Web Page.
          Set the SIP Proxy to the internal IP of your LMCE Core PC.
          Set the Codecs to G.711u first and second to G.711a

Step7: Quick Reload and Regen all your Orbiters.
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