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WM5 Orbiter
« on: June 27, 2007, 07:27:18 am »
Hey guys,

Just want to say i'm just made my first HTPC w/LinuxMCE Beta 1.1 2, and I'm loving it. Although i do have one problem. I have a Dell Axim X51 (QVGA), i can load the CE software on it, it finds the router, but when it trys to run the pocket frog application it hangs. Is this a known issues? And is thier anyway i can get around this. I double checked all the settings for the orbiter as far as width and resolution of the device.


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Re: WM5 Orbiter
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2007, 09:47:07 am »
the only phone that was tested with mobile orbiter is a Treo 700W which runs also WM5. i think that installation of orbiter depends by configuration of the phone and also if the windows mobile OS was updated with some patches from MS. but this is a only a presupposition.
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Re: WM5 Orbiter
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2007, 08:33:38 pm »
1. The CE Orbiter is for XScale, Intel x86 tablet PCs, that use Windows CE.NET.
2. Your PDA uses Windows Mobile 5. The application for your PDA is sent by bluetooth.
  First you should remove your PDA from Web Admin: Advanced -> Configuration -> Devices click on it and from the right frame click Delete this Device, then from the list of Orbiters , or from the Advanced -> Configuration -> Unknown Devices page if you ignored the phone. Then Reload the router.
 ---------How to Add your Windows Mobile phone/pda------------
Step1: Connect the  Bluetooth dongle to the LMCE Core PC.
Step2: Start the bluetooth on your phone/pda and make it discoverable/visible for other devices.
Step3: Wait a few minutes for it to be discovered by LMCE, if it isn't do a Quick Reload Router.
Step4: After LMCE detect its enter the Pass Key: 1234 and accept the file.
Step5: Select the default room and user that will use this phone/pda.
Step6: After the file is fully downloaded on your phone/pda open File Explorer, go to the file (, generally it's downloaded in the root directory. Install the file by clicking on it.
Step7: Quick Reload the router.
Step8: Go to Start -> Programs and run the Pluto Orbiter application.

Note: 1.Depending of your pda/phone you should maximize the program memory and stop the running programs that you don't use. ( start -> Settings -> System -> Memory )
         2.If you want to hurry up the detection process you can run as root from the console: hcitool scan and hcitool inq
         3.The same procedure its for the Symbian 6.0 series Mobile Phones.
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