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Adding 3rd Party apps to Pluto


So, I want to add another application to use on my Pluto systems. The first example would be the touchscreen calibration utility for a little touchscreen I use on one of my hybrids (destined for car use). I'm getting familiar with RatPoison. How do I add an application to the Pluto Interface though? I'm assuming that I need to create a device that at a minimum is able to send DCE commands to RatPoison to bring that window to the front. Other than that, applications like that and say my favorite email client shouldn't have to interact with Pluto any. Any suggestions on where to start?

You actually shouldn't have to create a Device for stuff that (like your Calibration utility).  It's not really a device, just an app.  It's on our todo list anyway to add to the 'computing' button some user defined apps you want to run, much like the 'Start' button in Windows.

It's a trivial task--a couple hours.  So, I'll work on it today or tomorrow and put it in the next version.  Then in PlutoAdmin on wizard/devices/media directors, you'll be able to add 3rd party apps you want to run.


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