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Hello, today i installed pluto using the kick-start CD
When ever i click the setup muth tv box from the orbiter
I get the screen that says" please wait while your application is launched"
However it just hangs here, i let it sit her for about 20 mins.

any ideas?


With our latest release of Pluto (.19) we upgraded to the latest version of MythTV (.18), and there is a bug in our code that it's not properly able to launch Myth setup from within the on-screen Orbiter.  Sorry.  We did fix this and it will be available in our release (.20), which will hopefully be up within a few days.  If you're Linux/tech saavy, you can try to launch it manually.  You normally only need to run MythSetup once--from then on the 'watch tv' button should work.  To launch it manually, ssh in to the machine and run:

export DISPLAY=:0
cd /usr/pluto/bin
# that will start Myth setup, now you need to activate the window so it's topmost
./ratpoison -d :0 -c windows
# you will see a list of windows, make note of the number for mythsetup, and put that number instead of ??
./ratpoison -d :0 -c "desktop off"
./ratpoison -d :0 -c "select ??"
./ratpoison -d :0 -c "desktop on"

# Now you should have mythsetup.  Configure everything and exit like normal.  Leave it for about 2 minutes so it has enough time to start pulling guide data, and then you should reboot the core/hybrid (and any md's).  That's not related to this issue--the myth master back-end always needs to be reset after changing the config of the front-end's, and we've found that manually restarting it, it crashes a lot.  so we always recommend a full reboot after running mythsetup.

thanks for the speedy reply. I'll give this a try.

I have had the same problem. For some reason, I don't have in /usr/pluto/bin. How can I reinstall this particular file?

I have managed to run mythtvsetup manually, but I think I have messed up the mysql permissions. I'll have to try via the orbiter interface whether it still works !

I just confirmed that it is part of the pluto-mythtv-player package.  So it should be there.  First do a:

dpkg -l '*pluto*'

to see all the pluto packages.  Assuming you left the option checked for your m/d to install myth, you should have that package.  You can try a:

apt-get install --reinstall pluto-mythtv-player

to force it re-install the same package.  And be sure you are looking on the media director or hybrid's hard drive.  If it's a stand-alone core (ie server only with no m/d), it won't be there--it's part of the media director package.


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